What makes a musical Radio (or TV) Station “good”?

Radio Broadcast Studio

Radio Broadcast Studio (Photo credit: Leonardo Rizzi)

Some of the TV but mostly Radio stations, seem to have their own feel and atmosphere around them. That feeling is what makes me connect to them over and over again. Where does that feeling come from? What makes them attractive?

I don’t have an exact answer but I think it’s a mixture of the following. There is a thin line between everything they broadcast. The way they edit their music selection has a “golden thread” between all the pieces. Whether it’s the genre (but not only) or a common theme they all address during a certain show. I like to be intrigued by an occasional new piece I never heard before. Something that will make me “Like”, send myself an email or make me look for a paper and pen with shaking hands, just so that I’ll remember to download or view it later on.

Radio stations have the ability to use social networks to increase the listening experience and make it more open. I like those stations that have a good Facebook page with more background information on it. Whether it is broadcast lists, information about the artists or pieces and a vibrant on-line discussion going on.

And there is another human factor. The radio broadcaster. A good broadcaster is both a friend and a guide to new musical fields.

I guess that the bottom line is that as a listener I like to feel at home with my musical stations but also to embark on occasional adventures and to feel that someone out there cares about my musical taste.

Radio New Zealand Concert

Radio New Zealand Concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the Radio stations I like the most is Radio New Zealand Concert. I use RadioSure to listen to them on the Internet as I’m about half the world away. Have a look at their Facebook page  as well.

The French Mezzo TV is my favorite musical channel. Although I still need to work on my French it’s always a pleasure to watch them.

What are your favorite Radio or TV stations ?


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