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Video Saturday – Concert For George

Jerrychicken - The Diary

The cream of British musicianship (and some others) perform with Dhani Harrison at Royal Albert Hall in The Concert For George on 29th Nov 2002 on the first anniversary of George Harrison’s death, just, stunning.

Some of the cream who tipped up for the night and who can be seen on stage in this clip are Eric Clapton (of course) Paul McCartney, Ringo, Jeff Lynne, Andy Fairweather-Low, Gary Brooker, Albert Lee, Billy Preston, Ray Cooper, Jim Capaldi, Katie Kisoon, Sam Brown and Dhani Harrison.

Well worth getting hold of the full dvd, I recommend it to the house.

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Der Ring des Nibelungen – Informal Learning

English: Soprano Amalie Materna as Brünnhilde ...


The contains as you can imagine, a lot of material on Wagner’s operas. On the page dedicated to the “Der Ring des Nibelungen“, there are two links to videos (two out of three) of the English–Canadian singer and comedienne Anna Russell, explaining Richard Wagner‘s Ring.

The sketch is as funny as a 40 years old sketch can be. That means it has its good parts and some “slow” parts. The interesting fact for me is that I have ever heard the fool story of the “ring” before and Anna Russell’s “lesson” seem to have done  a good job for me.

This made me wonder about how much of our musical education (and education in general) gets to us in “proper education” classes and how much in non formal ways? How much do we learn out of curiosity, especially when it comes to non popular music? How much is learned just out of accidentally gathering small pieces of information?

This is the first time I saw Anna Russell but reading Wikipedia it seems that “The Ring of the Nibelungs (An Analysis)” was one of the pieces that made her famous. It may have been written to a more knowledgeable audience than me but it certainly made me curios.

Let me know about your informal music learning experiences!

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Much Better Now

Just got back from a short journey by my laptop. I didn’t have that much fun out of just surfing around for a long time. I guess I needed to forget myself for a while. Talking about surfing… check this video, a little smile at the end is guaranteed. Much better now indeed…


Much Better Now from Salon Alpin on Vimeo.


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SoundCloud (TORLEY)

One of the things I realized while searching for materials to post about, is the vast number of sharing ideas you can find on the Internet. Social media is taking some really creative new forms.

I’m writing this post while listening to a musician who’s nick name is In Mobile. His real name is Olivier Malhomme and he is from Mayet, France. I found his music on Here is what SoundCloud about page has to say:

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere.

Recording and uploading sounds to SoundCloud lets people easily share them privately with their friends or publicly to blogs, sites and social networks.”

Its hectic in there, lots of downloaded material, some of the artists are teenage House DJ’s, some of them are deep into classical music. Some share their loved songs and some share their personal events such as weddings, by sharing the music they composed to it. A cool feature lets you leave a written comment on every fraction of a second of the track.

SoundCloud Innovation: Continuous playback of ...

SoundCloud (See-ming Lee 李思明)

I only started exploring SoundCloud. The whole site is simple and has a dynamic feel to it. Even the most simple and naive musical experiments get a new meaning when you get to take part and understand who is standing behind them. Let me know what you find in there…

I really like the music In Mobile loaded!

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The What, How and most importantly – Why of music

In 20 minutes conductor Michael Tilson Thomas compacted an essential guide on music’s history, it’s fantastic human expression capabilities and its relation to technology.

Another great TED lecture, You owe it to yourselves!


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Wild Is The Wind

David Bowie‘s version to Wild Is The Wind is one of the most convincing examples of how a performer should interpret a song. Listening to Bowie you can imagine the wind getting wilder and stronger with Bowie’s crescendo. Bowie is the wind and you can hear it howling through his voice. The desperate need for touch and the feeling that love is the source of life for the lyricist explode at the end with the cry: “Don’t you know you’re life itself?”

There are many versions to Wild Is the Wind. It was composed by Dimitri Tiomkin and lyrics are by Ned Washington . The track was originally recorded by Johnny Mathis for the 1957 film Wild Is the Wind.

From Bowie’s performances on YouTube I like the official 1982 version the most. A live performance at the Beeb demonstrates the magic Bowie and the song have over the audience. The addition of the piano provides more “drama” but its redundant in my opinion.

Official 1982:

Live at the Beeb:

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Gas Music!

Sometimes there are things I’m happy to see on my neighbor’s lawn. This amazing gas – color organ named FireHero is one of them. It was assembled by Chris Marion an 18 years old bright inventor, who has more ideas than time or money to realize them.

The nice thing about it is that what helped Chris build this beast is an electronic platform named Arduino. Arduino is an open source project that allows inventors and non technical people to build relatively sophisticated projects at low-cost. The board comes packed with all the needed software for developing those applications.

The Arduino blog has lots of very creative and often not so practical projects. However its a great demonstration of imagination and how people made their fantasias come true. Worth looking at! You will also find a detailed explanation on how to assemble your own Fire Hero organ. My neighbors will be happy to assist you !  😉

To see all music related Arduino projects click here.

Un Arduino Diecimila

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